It's All Greek to Me

Story Sent in by Alex:

There’s a great Greek restaurant that Laura and I agreed to go to on our first date. But when we made it there it was closed. She was really disappointed but I had other options in mind and so we quickly decided on an Italian place nearby.

When we sat down she raced through the menu and said, “Do they have baklava here? I really want baklava.”

It was an Italian restaurant. Maybe some such places carried baklava, but none that I could name. She must have read the menu from cover to cover and told me that they didn’t seem to have baklava.

The waiter came over to take our drink orders. I ordered a Diet Coke. Laura asked, “Do you have baklava? It doesn’t say it on the menu but maybe it’s on some secret menu?”

The waiter informed us that sadly there was no baklava to be had.

After the waiter left, Laura stood up and told me that she’d be back.

She was gone for so long that I thought she had probably gone home. I ordered a dinner for myself and had just started on it when Laura came in holding a small white paper bag.

“I found baklava,” she said with a grin, “There’s a grocery store about five blocks away.”

She opened the bag, pulled out the baklava, and ate it in seconds. She wiped her mouth with her arm and said, “You ordered without me? Rude.”

It was our only date.


  1. Clearly she was a baklava junkie. At least she wasn't hooked on anything harder.

  2. You're one to talk, lady.

  3. Not really a bad date. She came back. She also paid for her Baklava. I'm sure a worse date would get the guy to walk to the restaurant alone and pick it up.

  4. baklava is turkish! the greeks can kill her lol

  5. I dont get what youre complaining about. If someone wants to eat baklava, they have the right to go buy some if they want to. its not like she made you pay for it or anything. She came back as well, didnt she ?


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