No Strings Attached?

Story Sent in by Danny:

After we had been seeing each other for around a month, Michelle cooked me dinner at her place. I asked her if I could help with anything but she told me to just relax on her living room couch. She had an ample selection of entertainment magazines so I was pretty occupied with those.

Then she came around a corner with a stack of porcelain plates balanced on top of her head. She said, "Look, I'm Pinocchio!" and then lost her balance and the plate stack fell off her head and shattered on the floor.

I was shocked and she started to laugh so I laughed, too. But then I realized that she wasn't laughing but crying. She shouted, "Don't you laugh at me! Get out! Get out! Get out now! You laugh at me? You get out! Get out!"

To be fair I really, really thought that she was laughing at first. It's not my fault that her crying began as something that looked like laughter. Anyway I left and that was the last time I saw her.


  1. I think she was trying to make a political statement regarding the precarious balance of China and its government by the way that it puts pressure on its people. The Pinocchio reference was to illustrate how it is all one big lie and is bound to come crashing down around their heads. Her weeping was for the millions of tears shed by these hard working and beautiful people. And what did you do Danny? You laughed at her, that's what you did.

  2. How is that Pinocchio?

    1. Maybe she meant Pocahontas?

      I got nothing.

  3. Two things I find noteworthy here. First, the word ample should apply primarily to bosoms, not to a magazine selection. Second, even if she said that she doesn't need your help with the cooking, douchebag Danny still should have kept her company. Hell, take the magazines in there and discuss/mock the stories.

  4. That sounds awkward as hell


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