Because I Wound Up in It

Story Sent in by Arlene:

I was eating dinner with Ted when he said, "You're probably going to wonder why I have a fridge in my back seat."

I hadn't even seen his car, much less his back seat. I asked, "Was I going to be seeing your back seat, tonight?"

He replied, "You'll probably wonder why I have a fridge in it."

I walked into it, "Why do you have a fridge in your back seat?"

He said, "I'm keeping it. For a friend. That's all you need know."

"Okay." I really didn't care about what he kept in his back seat. But the fact that he brought it up only to dismiss the topic so quickly was... weird.

He went on, "Yup. Just keeping it for a friend. Just keeeeeping it for a friend. Just keeeeeeping it for a frieeeeeend."

I asked him, "How was work today?"

He said, "The biggest event of the day was getting a fridge in the back seat of my car. Bigger than anything that happened at work."

"You must be really proud."

"It's for a friend. The fridge in my back seat. It's a portable little thing. The fridge. For my friend. The fridge for my friend."

I didn't say anything more. It was clear that he was just crazy. After a very awkward silence he asked, "Want to see it?"


Only date.


  1. He was keeping the friend in the fridge.

    For a friend.

  2. You're probably wondering how I got these waffles with powdered sugar. Well, it's not powdered sugar. But I'm keeping them for a friend. A frieeeennd.

  3. "My cannibal frieeeeeend really likes me to bring him my murder victims fresh. This was our solution! Now it's only a mini-fridge so I am going to have to chop you up quite small. Is that ok?"

  4. He's keeping it for Chunky Horse.

  5. Probably one of those guys that has this gimmick thought up to romance his date... or score. Not able to go with the flow. Just this "fool proof" stunt. She didn't take the bait.


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