Preludes and Quaaludes

Story Sent in by Selina:

When Rob asked me out to coffee we sat down with our drinks and he said, "I think there's something in your coffee." He then took my drink, opened its lid, dropped something into it, shook it around a little bit, and handed it back to me.

"What did you just drop in here?" I asked.

"Drink it," he said.

"Not until you tell me what you dropped in here."

He laughed it off. "Just something to relax you. Trust me."

I handed the coffee to him. "Then you drink it, first."

He said, "No. Drink it."

"You first."

"No!" He became agitated.

I said, "You seem agitated. You should definitely drink this. It has something to relax you."

He took the coffee from me, said, "Then you get nothing, idiot," and threw it in the garbage. I have no idea what he slipped into my drink, but the fact that I called him on it made me a bit less of an idiot than he thought I was.


  1. you should have called the police for attempted rape, and saved the cup. seriously. and you should call the cops now, although there will be no evidence at this point. however, now that he has seen roofie-ing someone's drink requires stealth, he may change his tactics and successfully rape the next girl he is on a date with. good for you that you didn't drink it, but you MUST report this man, both to the dating website and the police. you have a duty to other women.

    1. I don't know about attempted rape, as he didn't actually try to rape the OP, but he did try to drug her. Megan is right, you should definitely report this guy. He will definitely try this again.

    2. Was this an older guy, wearing a sweater...?

    3. well, what i guess he could have had other things in mind besides rape... maybe, dressing her in granny clothes and propping her up in a rocking chair? forever......

    4. Only if he owned a nice hotel where he could put her on display.

  2. Was this at Stanford?!

  3. "Oh these? These are relaxation bindings, they help you clear your mind and loosen tense muscles. Here let me just get that around your wrists - that's it!"

  4. Billy Cosby makes it look easy, and now everyone thinks they are an expert date-drug-rapist. Sheesh...

  5. I agree with the first comment. Should of pulled that cup out of the trash and reported him to police.

  6. I feel sorry for the next woman he wants to date.


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