I Don't Belong Here

Story Sent in by Krista:

Ted and I spoke online for around two weeks before meeting at a cafe. During that time we talked about what we did for a living and even our daily habits, such as whether we were morning people and what time we woke up for work. I didn't think anything was too strange.

Then on our date he said, "You'll be pleased to know that you passed the honesty test."

"I did? How did I do that?"

He replied, "I saw you leave for work this morning at the time you told me you usually do and I saw you go to work. So thank you for telling me the truth."

More than a little freaked I asked, "You waited outside my house and followed me to work?"

He said, "You're a stranger off the Internet. I have to protect myself. You told me the truth. I figured you'd be happy to hear you passed the honesty test."

I said, "That's nice, but you just completely failed the creep test."

He took a few moments to work it out in his head before asking, "So you're saying that I am a creep?"

"That's right."

"How am I a creep? I wasn't taking clippings of your hair or stalking you. I was just protecting myself!"

He never ended up seeing it my way and so we never ended up seeing each other again.


  1. Wow...sounds like something out of a movie. Definitely failed the creep test :)

  2. He did pass the oblivious test, though.

  3. "How am I a creep? I wasn't taking clippings of your hair or stalking you"
    *mumbles under breath* "yet"

  4. How little you know of women, Ted!

  5. Never give a stranger personal information!He should not have known where you live or work!All anyone ever needs now is your full name and they can find out everything about you online.Never give last name till after the meet and greet goes well.And stay away from guys named"ted".

    1. Seriously, why did this dude have OPs address?

    2. If he's creepy enough to wait outside of OP's house, he's creepy enough to find their address if it's available through Googling their name or whatever...

  6. You failed the communication test: you should have said that he PASSED the creep test. Poor guy was confused and you got his hopes all up by seemingly implying that he failed to meet the criteria for creeps.


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