Crack in the Armor

Profile Sent in by Jennifer:

About me:

no#1 complaint of people on this site: guys send too many nude pics! I will never send you a picture like that and disrespect you. I do not know what goes through guys heads! I am respectful and kind. Mellow and nice. You'll find that I am firm yet kind. My favorite color is blue. In the colortest it means that I am serene yet calm. I wear this like armor. Let me know what you think!!!


Jennifer says, "One of his profile photos was of a naked rear end."


  1. But was the rear end a nice one?

  2. He was the butt of his own joke I guess.

  3. Well, he was telling the truth as he didn't actually send the picture to you.

  4. POF lets members accept or reject other people's submitted profile photos. Whenever I saw a pic of a guy's junk, I would accept it to out the guy as an asshat. I never saw a pic of a woman's junk, but come to think of it I only saw men's pix.


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