Dude, Where's My House?

Story Sent in by Rudy:

My first date (if you can call it that) with Carisa was a rushed walk around the block. We both had insanely busy schedules but both worked close to each other and so we took a bit of time during a synchronized lunch break to meet and greet.

Not long after, she asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner and then maybe head back to her place for drinks/dessert. Sounded great.

Dinner was good. We talked, laughed, and she was very flirtatious. I had a good vibe about the whole thing and looked forward to what the rest of the evening would bring.

Well... about that. She told me to follow her to her home and so I did. But when she stopped and parked her car, it wasn't in front of a house: it was in front of an overgrown, vacant lot. Nothing else was around.

"What the...?" she began, stepping out of her car and looking around. "Do you see my house anywhere?"

I said, "No. Should it be here?"

"Yes. This is my address. But my house is... where the hell is my house?"

She paced around, looking everywhere with her hands on her head. She seemed upset, but maybe not as upset as someone who actually lost an actual house.

Figuring that she was playing some sort of game (and honestly hoping to score) I said, "So maybe we can head to your actual house, now?"

"This is my actual house! 162 Sycamore Lane! It just isn't here!"

She paced around a little more and then pulled out her phone and called someone who I guessed was a friend. Into the phone, she said, "My house is just gone! I don't know. Where did you see it last? I'm at my front yard and the house is just not here!" She hung up and then called someone else. The same conversation ensued.

I said, "I'm going to go."

She waved goodbye and I left her there. I hope she found her house. And sanity.


  1. Maybe she was a time traveler, sent from the past to give 1 lucky guy the night of his life... When she got to where her house had been, she found that it had been reclaimed by nature... tough break, broseph!

  2. Occam's Razor. I'm with Steve.

  3. I like stories like that. It's so strange that the explanation has to be more than freak/crazy/mental disorder. Someone with such memory problem would not old a job, let alone show up on time for a date... We can therefore exclude that she forgot where her house was. Obviously, houses don't disapear like this. It has to be something else. She wants to bring the bloke to a house. It was preempted. Here's my theory:
    She has been asked to house sit, or a friend told her she can use their house when they are away... why would she bring a date to a friend's house? Many possibilities. Nosy or noisy housemates, still living at mum and dad's, lives in an ugly apartment, want to impress with a nice big house... Anyway, she mistyped the address in the sat nav or forgotten the way to this house and looked extremely stupid. Embarrassed, she just carried on acting stupid in the hope he would walk away and she would be confronted...

  4. OP - you left? I totally would have stuck around to see how that would play out. Maybe even help her look. Maybe your house is... right here... under THIS ROCK! Nope, that's not it. Hmm, maybe it's behind... THESE WEEDS OVER HERE! Nope, nope, sorry. Ok. Oh, but look! Here's a footprint! Maybe it's from the person who stole your house! You should call the Police. Or Scooby-Doo. Or something.

  5. She wasn't feeling it and faked crazy.

  6. I am inclined to agree that she is not crazy because how could she keep a job? I also think that the faking crazy to drop the date is odd because why drop him on a street when you don't know who will be around should things go sideways (guys can be assholes (news flash!)). My guess is that she was taking him back to her place drove by her place, saw her current but maybe soon to be ex-boyfriend's car in front of her place and realized it was a bad time to stop at her place with a new boy. Thus, she continued on and pulled the classic -- my house is missing line (but haven't we all?).

  7. Clearly her trailer had been repossessed. :)


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