That's What Time it Is

Story Sent in by Emily:

Connor and I corresponded over email for nearly a month before we set up a date. It was for a Friday night after work and I went home to shower and change before meeting him.

When I was done with my shower I went into my room to dress. Right about then, banging came from my front door. I threw on a robe and looked through the peephole.

It was Connor. And he looked like he had drank a great lake's worth of booze. "Time for me to see you naked!" he shouted.

I called the police and they showed up to escort him away. The next day, Connor actually had the balls to write me an email: "Thanks for standing me up last night."


  1. What an excellent first date idea! Who says romance is dead?!

  2. ...Did he see you naked, though?

    1. Most definitely. She didn't say she IMMEDIATELY slammed the door and called the cops. She left out the party where she let him in, then had drunken sex on a pile of trash while the twin watched. Twice.

  3. So he took a little swim before he came over, what's wrong with that?!

    1. See, the problem with swimming in a pool of wine before going on a date is that it alters your perception.

  4. My headcanon is that the guy who knocked on your door was actually his twin brother playing a prank, and poor Connor was downstairs all night waiting for you to come down.


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