A Day No Horses Would Die

Story Sent in by Brad:

While I was out to dinner with Elizabeth (first date) she took my hand and said, "I want you to feel comfortable opening up to me about anything and everything. Is there anything you want to tell me?"

I said, "Nothing that normal conversation won't tease out."

She said, "Because I found a lot of stuff about you online. Horse gambling?"

It was true. I had won a fair amount at racetracks when I was younger. It might have been written up on some blogs or whatever. She had to have done some serious Google-stalking to have found it out.

She asked, "Anything else you want to confess? I'm here to help you with your troubles."

"It was no trouble. I won a lot at it and now I don't do it anymore."

She said, "Since you didn't tell me about it up front, what else are you hiding? You could be a murderer and I wouldn't know!"

"If you found the horse racing stuff, I'm sure you would've found out if I was a murderer in your research."

"Whatever, murderer," she said. She took her hand away and wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the only date we ever had.


  1. Chunky Horse don't race... he takes his time, but still manages to win...

  2. Steve, by "time" did you really mean the lives of all of the other competitors? Because that's how Chunky Horse rolls.

  3. You should do research on her and see how fast her ex's raced away from her. Giant red flags practically grow out of that lady's head.

  4. Knowledge is power as they say, but not if your date has nothing to hide. That complete 180 she pulled after OP shrugged it off tells me Elizabeth wasn't looking to be nice. She was just miffed he wasn't wowed over somebody accepting his oh so ~haunting~ past.

    1. Spot on! She was looking for someone with a heavy past so she would help them. Completely deluded, or far worse: perversely manipulative.

  5. If she found a deal breaker through a Google search before the date... why waste his time by having him show up expecting a date? She knew she was going to tell him the horse racing lost her interest.


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