How Many Times Have I Asked Myself That Question

Email Sent in by Preston:

I am watiting for the bus and browsing profiles and your came up. You seem like a fun guy! Can you tell me more a out why you started juggling? Are you a juggler or a juggalo? I had two boyfriends in a row who were juggalos and it ended our relationships and friendships. They would not shut up about ICP. Some of their songs are good but most suck donkey. Can you tell me for sure if you just juggle or are also a juggalo. No hard feelings if a juggalo you are. They are people too who go out and breathe and die. But you migt be different. Are you different?

If you are just a juggler then maybe you can teach me juggling? If you are a juggalo then that is different. If you don't know what a juggalo is then you're not a juggalo.

Tina xoxo


  1. I mean, she seems perfectly nice if not for her sordid past with clowns.

  2. ...I'm a juggling juggulo and I jiggle as I juggle juggling pins.

  3. Gasp! She ends the letter with xoxo?! That's a bit forward for Steve's tastes!

  4. ''They are people too who go out and breathe and die'' - Well that is a particularly objective point of view about life.

  5. Tina is my spirit animal. I too have an unreasonable aversion to juggalos.


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