Can It Be a One-Way Trip?

Profile Sent in by Emma:

Who I'm looking for

I want more than anything to go to Jupiter so I'm looking for a NASA girl. One who knows someone in NASA (or maybe you work at NASA yourself - women can do anything these days) who can send me there. I want to take atmospheric readings but that's not why I really want to go. Every woman alive will want to sleep with the guy who went to Jupiter. If you are the one who sends me there then of course I will grant you special treatment but I really just want to go to Jupiter for atmospheric readings which is what I will tell people but you and I will know the truth. LET ME KNOW ASAP I AM ENTERTAINING NUMEROUS OFFERS.


  1. I like that there are apparently numerous women in NASA working to get this man off of our planet.

  2. And possibly mainly because he didn't specify any return journey.

  3. Somehow, I sincerely doubt he has many offers

  4. He just really wants a woman to start training him.

    1. I will never unlearn this picture! I hate you Archie! ;-)

    2. At first I was going to ask if you are The Architect renamed. Then I clicked on your link a removed all doubt.

    3. It's hard to argue with the evidence, Five! Plus, I bet you've never seen us in the same place at the same time...

  5. Well I could try to send you there, but don't count me in to bring you back.


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