That Time of the Month

Story Sent in by Sharon:

Frank called me a little before our date began. He informed me that he'd be late because he was having trouble fitting a grandfather clock into his car. It sounded like a lame excuse to me, but when he showed up to the restaurant parking lot where I awaited him, he pulled up in a car with a giant wooden clock sticking out of a smashed back window.

"Oh my god," I said to him as he approached me, "Why do you have a grandfather clock?"

He said, "I'm going to steampunk it out. It'll be awesome!" Then he grabbed me and went in for an open-mouth kiss.

I yanked myself away and stepped back. Come on, dude. Seriously?

He then looked at me and at the grandfather clock and back again. He said, "Fine. I choose the clock!" and then scrambled back to his car and drove away.


  1. Did he honestly think she'd find this romantic? Smh

  2. Nothing gets ladies wetter than lame attempts at steampunk, amirite?

  3. "I clearly don't care about my own possessions or your permission to touch you."

    bullet dodged

  4. I can picture him in pre-date desperation trying to figure out what would make him look classy, and casually flipping TV channels and stopping on Antiques Roadshow and grabbing a hammer.


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