Young Yeller

Story Sent in by Francisco:

I was out at dinner with Debra on our first date and we were talking about this and that. Our voices were at normal volume and we were really having a good conversation.

Then our meals were delivered and she became really quiet and looked down into her lap. It was like a switch had been flipped. I asked her if she was okay.

She shouted, "Stop yelling at me!" and then she jumped up and left without another word.

Her food was untouched. Everyone in the place was looking at me. I hastily finished my meal, boxed up hers for myself, paid, and left.

While I was driving home she texted, "If you're still there could you get my food boxed up and bring it to me? Sorry."

I didn't write back and her food was delicious.


  1. Hmm... I'm inclined to call this just another case of the crazy, but her actions and subsequent apology tell me perhaps she has some sort of disorder or problem that in that moment got the best of her. I mean, bad date all around and you definitely deserved that second meal, but this girl may not have been a bad date intentionally and didn't come back after the possible episode was over because of embarrassment.

    Or like she could have just been crazy.

    1. Is that Nikki, the girl who gave blowies to a bad date so that he'd drive her home? That's YO' girl...

    2. That would be your very own Bananas Foster from a few dates back.

      Nikki's quotes go more along the vein of: "I know a cunt when I read a story told by one, and this girl was a cunt."

    3. Nikki quotes are like: "I was on a date with a rando jerk I met online, and he said he wouldn't drive me home unless I put on fuzzy animal ears and gave him a beej... I didn't want to walk or call a cab or a friend, so down I went!"

    4. God I miss Nikki. JMG, maybe you can let her out of the ABCotD dungeon?

    5. I can't find her original story about that... incident...

      I slut-shamed her into leaving ABCD :-(

      Unless... she just made a new fake profile called Briana Foster... dun dun DUN!

      I miss Wolfdreams and Howie... and all my other womens like Devil and Blue Blue and Tryn2fly and Tannette...

    6. Hung out with Fizziks Tuesday night. She is still awesome despite leaving me for the west coast. Guess we are the ones keeping the fire burning for when they come back and to draw the new ones in *Waves at Bananas*. Also, no one could slut-shame Nikki. She owned that shit.

    7. I'm kinda cross with Bananas right now, though... I feel like she c-teased me, as I was anticipating all kinds of mad, passionate comment secks by now.

      Instead, she just brings up her husband, and flagrantly flirts with YOU to make me jealous.

      Dat ain't right...

    8. That wasn't Nikki's story. Someone named Julianna sent it in. Nikki is still wholesome and pure, in my book. Although it's a short book.

  2. It's just because I'm so hawt and she can't resist my sweet moves/references/links.

  3. It's probably some sort of neurological disorder, but since she seems to still have contact with reality, not quite full blown schizophrenia. The fact she apologised shows she's not a bad person. Although, in a new relationship, one wants to become a partner, not a carer.

  4. Woah, one night away and I missed so much!! God Howie was the best, although I think Steve has taken a beautiful banner up in his absense. I only c-tease because I care.

    To archy- every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed reference ;)

  5. Even though she apologized, she's obviously damaged goods and unless someone is reeeeaaallllllly attracted to her, I'd cut bait and find someone more stable. Who wants to go out with a ticking time bomb like that? Think of all the extra weight you'll gain from the unexpected leftovers you'll be bringing home...


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