Alone in the World Was a Little Catdog

Story Sent in by Sarah:

While I was out in a park on a date with John he asked me, "If you could be a cat or a dog which would you be?"

I said, "Probably a cat. You?"

He replied, "I'd be Catdog."

I asked, "Is that like half-cat, half-dog? That's kind of cheating."

He said, "No. From the Nickelodeon show, remember?"

I grew up in a home without cable so I missed a lot (I even mention this on my profile). Therefore, I had never heard of this... this... Catdog.

"You've never heard of Catdog?" he asked as if I had never heard of gravity or the color red. "You're joking!"

"Nope. Sorry."

He pulled out his phone and showed me picture after picture of this character (pretty sure it was from a Google image search... I doubt he just had a repository of Catdog photos on his phone, but maybe he did).

"How would you poop?" I asked him, as Catdog has no visible anus.

"How do you poop?" he turned around on me.

"Like everybody else."

"Can I see?"


After this witty banter, I didn't really think twice about cutting this bozo loose.


  1. 1. Catdog was a lame show. You missed nothing
    2. The question of how it poops is a question that has plagued us for years..
    3. So while I think its legitimate that he may have forgotten about you not having cable, asking to watch you poop was super creepy. You dodged a catbullet.

  2. South Park figured out the whole catdog poop thing guys. Turns out, it DOES work that way.

    Couldn't he have picked a better show? I would be Pork Chop from Doug or Spunky from Rocko's Modern Life. I'd even be Ren (or Stimpy) from Ren and Stimpy.

  3. I'd be a horse, of the chunky variety...

  4. Catdog was an adored addition to a long list of cartoons I spent far too many hours watching as a child. This guy was simply an idiot. A gross idiot. Courage the cowardly Dog is clearly the best choice here.

    Also, Steve we all know you're the one who created Chunky Horse. It's a cult classic, man, you don't have to promote it so hard! I even saw it when it came out on HBO late one night! *sigh* that was the single most life altering night I ever experienced.

    1. ^ Don't tell your husband that ;-)

    2. Bananas needs a cigarette for the afterglow...

      I could totally steal her away if I wanted...

      However, even though I may work for a murderous chainsaw-wielding equine from hell, I'm certainly no homewrecker! Gasp! Perish the thought!

    3. Ten points to gryffindor for the phrase "perish the thought"! Also, Harry Potter just burped. Fifty additional points to gryffindor! -MC Dumbledore

    4. I notice you didn't contest my assertion that I could steal you away at will... dotdotdot...

  5. jeez, was this guy 7 years old or something? What a catch.


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