He's Behind You

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Story Sent in by Ronda:

Joshua had lots of photos of himself posing with guns in his profile, so when he messaged me I was at first pretty freaked out. But he was persistent and so we went on a date to a local diner. I thought it couldn't hurt.

While we ate he talked about guns as if I knew what he was talking about. He mentioned Smith and Wesson this and Glock that and I had no idea whatever else he was talking about.

When we were done eating he said, "Let's go buy some guns."

I've never held a gun in my life, much less had a desire to buy one. I suggested, "Maybe we can take a walk by Sun Lake? Or take out a kayak? Or go on a hike?"

He said, "Nope. It's time to buy a gun. You coming or not?"

I told him that I didn't want to go gun shopping and he said, "Then I'll see you around," and paid for our meals (I thanked him) and left.

I haven't seen him since.


  1. Silly girl... he was just doing the gentlemanly thing and making sure you had protection from Chunky Horse... not that mortal weapons would do more than tickle, but still...

  2. Nothing can save you from chunky horse

  3. I prefer to take my dates duct tape and chloroform shopping.

  4. Never happened. NOBODY who owns Smith & Wesson will admit to owning a Glock. Glocks are known as "Bricks" in the gun circles, due to how useless they are.

    1. Hmmm... not everywhere. I own a Glock .40S&W I use for my everyday CCW, and a snub-nose .357 Magnum S&W I take hiking in case of bears (or hobos). Both have their purposes. Glocks are the #1 choice of most law enforcement organizations for a reason...

    2. Because they are great for going off accidentally in dark stairwells?

  5. He wanted you to choose the implement of your own demise.

    I personally would have gone with this little number myself.


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