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Story Sent in by Franklin:

I spoke for a little bit online with Jess before we finally had an in-person date. We sat down to lunch at a restaurant and she handed me a homemade card. She was an artist and had drawn some really lovely abstract ink images on the outside of it. It was very thoughtful and a pleasure to look at.

Then I opened it up and saw that her designs continued on into the inside. But there were also a few large reddish-brown dots that looked like paint spatters. They didn't really fit in with the design and I asked her, "Is this paint?"

She said, "Blood."


She went on, "I bled a little bit on it. For you."


She said, "I just felt like it. Now you'll always have a piece of me."


"You're welcome!" she said brightly.

Only date.


  1. You're moving too fast, Jess! Bloodletting is more of a third date affair.

    1. Not if you're dating Chunky Horse. He is not beholden to the 3-date-rule.

  2. Meh... this wouldn't bother me... if she was hot...

  3. I just love abstract art.

    But I'm with you Franklin. That seemed a bit much for a first date. Can you imagine having sex with her the first time?




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