Urine Trouble

Story Sent in by Patricia:

On a first date dinner with Edgar, he waxed poetic about his job as a car salesman. He told me all about how he saw it as an art and that it wasn't a career for just anybody. Ho hum. Anyway, the real excitement arrived when he came back from a bathroom trip.

He didn't say a word but he drank down a full glass of water and then reached across the table and drank mine. He smacked his lips like he had tasted something awful. I asked him, "Everything okay?"

He said, "At the urinal some pee splashed into my mouth."

After taking a moment to review his words, I asked, "Why was your mouth open at the urinal?"

He said, "I open my mouth all the way when I pee."

I glanced at my water. "You were going to tell me before I drank out of that, right?"

He replied, "It's not your business how I pee."

When the waiter came I asked for a new glass, pointing to Edgar and saying, "Some pee splashed in his mouth at the urinal and he drank from my glass."

The waiter gave us a momentary horrified look but replaced my glass without incident. I didn't go out with Edgar again.


  1. Another dude into pissplay...

  2. Your face if he told you after you had had a sip from the glass.

  3. I just don't understand why he opens his mouth when he pees. It sounds as if he actually wants to get pee in his mouth. But then, it's none of my business how he pees.

  4. Replies
    1. Easily the most disturbing commercial of the Super Bowl.

  5. Chunky Horse DOES, in fact, piss like a racehorse...

  6. Are you sure this "gentleman's" name was Edgar and not Lloyd? And was he a State Trooper?

  7. This site is so full of wonderfully dreadful stories... but over and over I read about something that would have instantly ended a date for me... yet the date-goers just carry on. Especially if you haven't even sat down to dinner or what not yet...why even keep going through the motions? Better to scrape out intact than let things get worse.


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