Any Other Name

Story Sent in by Laurence:

I thought it would be nice to take Lora out on a walk by a local pond and then do coffee. While we strolled she kept calling me "Drake." My name is Laurence and after the first couple of times I reminded her.

She apologized each time but then fell right back into it. Finally I asked her why she kept calling me "Drake."

She said, "I've never dated a guy named Drake and I've always wanted to and I hoped you'd be the one. But I guess I have to keep looking."

After that statement, I didn't even want to take her out for coffee anymore, so we finished our circuit of the pond and I told her that it was nice to meet her and that I had to go.

"So long, Drake," were her last words to me.


  1. She really wanted to date a duck

  2. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/12/24/article-2078115-0F4481CC00000578-366_634x418.jpg
    Is this her???

  3. Did she call you on your cell phone?

  4. All the kids are "doing coffee" these days...

    1. You'd know better than most, Urkel. I know that isnt yout name, buy I've always hoped to Internet date an Urkel.

  5. Dammmmm it. Bread beat me to it


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