Garden Gnome

Story Sent in by Sandra:

Somehow or other, Gerald and I wound up at a garden center during our first time out together. We walked by a fountain into which people had tossed pocket change.

He reached in and grabbed as much as he could. When he saw the look I gave him he said, "What? It's free money."

Once he had pocketed a bunch of the wet coins he grabbed some more and held them out to me. They were dripping wet and I didn't want them.

He asked, "What's wrong with you? Don't you want free money?"

"No. Why don't you just leave them in there?"

"Why? It's free money! Take it!"

I refused and he stuffed it into his own pockets. "More money for me." He then wiped his hands dry on the wide leaves of a nearby plant.

As we walked out of the garden center he said, "You laugh now, but this change will pay for our lunch."

I wasn't laughing. On the inside, I felt more like crying. I let him take me to lunch and he paid (mostly) with the change he had stolen. Needless to say, we didn't go out again.


  1. Of course she still gets a free dinner. Of course.

  2. And you didn't leave why? Why the hell would you go to lunch with someone that's paying with stolen money? Have you always wanted to be an accessory to a crime?

  3. Do you think he went there for the cash? Who goes to a garden center on a first date? The fountain coins are usually donated to local charities. The idiot and the date could have been arrested for shoplifting, depending on the state. But, yeah, let's do lunch. I'm surprised she didn't take a second date.

  4. Though it's awful and would immediately end the date were it me in the same situation, not everyone sees it as so awful a crime that it would totally stop the date cold. I disagree with her choice to take even one more step with him, but not everyone reacts to the same situation in the same way.

    Also, if he immediately was saying "what? It's free money!" He's definitely done this before and been told it's wrong before. Not the sort you should associate with.

  5. Money money money. I'd push him in. Puahahah


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