Until We Made It to the Goats

Story Sent in by Joey:

There was a fun county fair in town and I took Annette there on our first date. Everything seemed normal and fine until we made it to the goats. When we did, Annette flailed right up to the fenced-in area and screamed, "BAA!"

The goats took notice. Some of them baa-ed back, but most jumped away like she was blasting a tuba at them. Not just goats, but people were also inching away from the crazy girl. I caught up with her and asked, "What are you doing?"

"They're goats!" she explained, then bellowed another, "BAA!" at them.

"Would you stop it?" I asked, taking her arm and trying to nudge her back from the poor animals.

She shook me off and said, "Don't you ever tell me to stop!" and then she ran back up to the fence and screamed, "BAA! BAA! BAAAAAAAA!"

So I was done with Annette. She was humiliating me, herself,, the goats, and I wasn't going to stand for it. I slipped away and left her there with the goats. She can date one of them, for all I care.


  1. You have a BAAAAAAAD sense of fun OP. Who would be so embarrassed over a little goat whispering?

  2. She was humiliating the goats! Won't someone PLEASE think of the GOATS?!

    Maybe she was trying to test if they were the feinting goats... (they "feint" when you scare them)

  3. The whole rest of the petting zoo was like.....

  4. Replies
    1. Ahh Steve, I'm moving in on your woman!

    2. Briana knows that she needn't go to a zoo for some heavy petting...

    3. I don't know Steve, there's some good fun to be had at a petting zoo.

    4. I hate to say it, but architect does have a point... a rather long one it would seem. Chachacha


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