That's Not What They Say at All

Happy Valentine's Day from A Bad Case of the Dates! We'll always love you. Always.

Profile Sent in by Natalie:

About me:

No such thing as a lonely valentines day when I'm around. I am the man who will be there for you. I have a heart shaped life. My face has been called heart shaped and my body is shaped like a pleasant heart. You will see me and fall in love with me instantly for that is the job of woman. As the job of man I will use myself responsibly and gently to guide you to a new understanding ov all love everywhere. How can you put a number or dollar on all the love that you possess. In our heart shaped life together we will be like two hooks coming together to form a heart. You know they say that once you hook a man he stays forever ;)~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. I'd like to hook this man... with barbed wire. In the scrotum. And hang him from the nearest bridge so every woman can see him and do her job of loving him.

    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovelies!


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