Something's Rotten in Denmark

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Story Sent in by Phillip:

In one of my first email exchanges with Amanda she asked me where I'd go if I had the time and money. I told her that among other places, I'd love to visit Denmark. She agreed that Denmark would be a great place to visit. We didn't speak about it much more and moved on to other topics.

We met in person at an ice rink and one of the first things she asked was, "Want to go to Denmark with me for a couple weeks? We'd fly out next week. I looked up tickets last night and almost reserved them but wanted to double-check with you, first."

This was all a bit sudden. I said, "That would be great but I can't get out of work." And, well, this was a first date.

"Live a little!" she said.

Thing is, I'm a doctor. It would be irresponsible of me to cancel two very full weeks of seeing patients. I suggested, "Maybe we could do something fun next weekend?"

She said, "I wanna go to Denmark!"

I said, "Let's see how things go. We only just met. It's very kind of you to offer to take me overseas–"

She asked, "Huh? I wasn't going to pay for it!"

Uh oh. I asked, "Who was?"

She said, "Uh... you're the doctor, remember? You make like a million dollars a month."

For the record I make nowhere near that, and I never, ever will. I said, "How about we just take a trip out of state next weekend? Will that satisfy your travel cravings?"

"No," she said. She was mopey through ice skating and through lunch, and I never asked her out again.


  1. What's to bet she planned this whole thing thinking she was going to get a free trip to Denmark?

  2. "You make like a million dollars a month!" ROTFL oh honey how old are you, five?

  3. "For the record I make nowhere near that, and I never, ever will."

    Not a very good doctor then, are you OP?


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