Can I Have TWO Minutes?

Email Sent in by Jeanette:

Hello beautiful lady,

You are the beautiful. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Theo. But you can call me your ticket to the slide to the stars. If you look at my profile site and think it worthy of your beauty than you will message me and I will bring you up and into the mountains where a field of bluest flowers will dance with you in the moonlight. They will wave as the thorns tear off your clothes and they will laugh all around us while we embrace in passion. Just for you and me. Now is the time to act. You have one minute. GO!



  1. You have one minute: GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!

  2. I was right with him until he gave me one minute. Who can get ready for a trip to a magical mountain in just one minute?! Clearly this guy has some unrealistic expectations.

  3. Theo sounds alot like the Prince of Nigeria who I have a personal email correspondence with. In fact I'm sending him $800 for taxes on the inheritance he said I have coming. It's a pretty big deal.

  4. After one minute, he was finished.

  5. "Thorns ripping off my cloths?! No way girlfriend, do you even KNOW how much this blouse cost?!"


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