Happy Accidents

Story Sent in by B.:

On my second date with Alana I had to stop at a bank to make what I thought would be a quick deposit. She said it would be fine and she accompanied me inside the branch.

The teller took an unexpectedly long time to complete my deposit and Alana asked me if I'd mind if she waited outside.

"That's fine," I told her.

She said, "Alana awaaaaaaay!" and bolted for the door. On the way, she smashed face-first into a glass divider wall.

"Aaagh!" she yelled and held her face. I flew from the teller's desk to where Alana was apparently in considerable pain. When I finally pried her hands away from her face, I found a horrifyingly bruised mess.

Leaving my deposit behind, I accompanied her to a nearby walk-in clinic. They patched her up and I brought her home. As I helped her up her front walk, she stumbled, flailed a bit, and landed on her bare knees. She shouted in pain and I had to carry her into her house, grab some rubbing alcohol, and clean her up.

I have no idea why she was so accident prone that day, but we're engaged now, so I guess there really can be happy accidents.


  1. Bank must have very clean glass...

  2. Great story! We all love a nice one from time to time.

  3. Your fiance sounds absolutely adorable, OP. Glad yours ended well! Hope she healed up without any trouble, though!

  4. "Architect, AWAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" *Arms flung behind me doing spirit fingers*

    This is how I will leave every single staff meeting from now on.

    1. It's the only acceptable way to do so now.

  5. I, too, like to make "quick deposits."

    1. Much to the disappointment of your dates. OOOOOOOOOOOHHH.

    2. *Tosses Steve some first aid cream* Here bro, take care of that sick burn.

  6. I love me some happy endings


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