Boning Bad

Profile Sent in by Hannah:

You should message me if:

You probably shouldn't. I'm bad to the bone. Really. My doctor said last time "your bones are bad". So even my bones are bad. They are at this moment plotting to dismember and tear you. So no I am not nice and neither are my bones. If you were to boil me only my bones would be left and they would be bad. Bad bones. Bad man. Bad bad bones man. Bad man bones. Bones bad. Mad bad. Bones man bad mad man.


  1. B-b-b-b-b-baaad. Bad to the bone.

    More like, an idiot who had things a "bad boy" and a "psyco" are about the same thing, and he really should take his doctor seriously. Bad bones are NOT a good thing, bad bones man. Bone bad. Bad bones bad bones man.

    1. Bananas don't eat meat, but she sure like the bone...

  2. Reads like Dr. Seuss's profile.

  3. See Dick's Bones.
    Dick's Bones are Bad.
    Bad Bones.
    Bad, Bad Bones.
    See Dick Bone.
    Dick Bones Bad.
    Bad, Bad Bone.
    Do you see Dick Bone Bad?

  4. This is why we don't drink and internet.

  5. Way too many references to dismembering and cooking people for me. I did like his free form verse at the end. He just needs some soft jazz, a black beret, and a group of people rhythmically snapping their fingers. Funny how that also sounds like a cult that kills people.


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