There Goes the Bride

Story Sent in by Rod:

I messaged Celia on a dating site and we spoke over the site and then over the phone for couple of weeks. It was during a phone call that I asked her if she'd want to meet up.

"When were you thinking?" she asked.

"How about this weekend?"

She said, "I'm going to a friend's wedding. That won't work."

I asked, "How about the following weekend?"

She said, "Another friend's wedding. All my friends are getting married."

I said, "Okay, then. Maybe a weeknight?"

"Which weeknight?"

"This Thursday?"

"Rehearsal dinner that night for my friend's wedding."

"Friday night?"

"That's the night before all the wedding preparations. Won't work."

I then said, "Why don't you tell me when you're free? Next week, maybe?"

"Which night?"


"A friend's having a mid-week wedding next Wednesday. Sorry."

"When do you not have a wedding? Let's start there."

She said, "Let me check my calendar. Hang on a sec."

She kept me on hold for a couple of minutes then came back and said, "Never. Sorry," then she hung up.

And that was it.


  1. I guess she's always a bridesmaid, never a bride...

    Silly OP... She merely wants her ego stroked, not an actual meet-up, lest you discover her fattiness. Still preferable to a dinner wh0re, however.

  2. Allow me to translate this girl logic: "I'm not comfortable meeting someone off the Internet yet, but also I'm in need of validation through someone actually wanting to do so. Therefore, I find and talk to men on dating sites for weeks until the fated day they want to meet, where I promptly think up ridiculous lies and drop it like it's hot. Also, my brain capacity capped at the age of 12."

    1. ^ This. I've come across several of these species in my day...

    2. Certainly shouldn't be described as 'logic'


  3. You're all too negative. I know girls like that who are simply genuinely too busy, don't have the time for dating but still would like to be with someone, either because they feel lonely, crave some romance or because of social pressure making them believe they have to have a boyfriend. Because they don't have time to meet new people, they have a go at dating site... Usually, these girls are young career driven professionals. No one to blame, but still makes a funny story.

    1. That might be valid if she had said "I have to work", but I'd say "When do you not have a wedding?" "Never" is pretty clear.

    2. Benoit, if you remember the oft-mocked reader KatieGirl, she stated that she was ENGAGED (best relationship EVARRR!), yet still had profiles up on multiple dating sites because she loved the attention she got from men. Not sure if she went out with guys, but probably not. Probably just strung them along for attention, until they got old, or they called her on it. Then she could just say "see ya" and look at one of the other 20 new emails in her inbox from desperate men, at start anew. This girl seems like someone of that ilk...

  4. Also Benoit, to quote myself, I said "allow me to translate THIS girl logic". I'll argue until my dying breath that not all women are the same and should be treated as individuals. This particular woman clearly stopped maturing before she hit high school. Untwist your undies and remember not to generalize ME before you jump on me for supposedly generalizing THEM. I'll never presume to speak for anyone else on this site, though.

  5. Is it wrong that while I lurk here once a day (have done for years)and Katie Girl annoyed me....I kind of miss her ridiculous comments? I came here for comfort when I went on these ridiculously awful dates. Thankfully I don't have to date anymore but I still empathise with most of these OPs.

  6. Maybe she works as a wedding planner.


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