Nerves and Swerves

Story Sent in by Denise:

I agreed to meet Ryan at a restaurant that was pretty close to me but an hour before the date he called to ask me if I could pick him up on East 8th Street. It was a distance from me, and especially during rush hour. I asked him why he couldn't meet me at the restaurant like we had planned.

He said, "I'm just leaving the hospital and they don't want me to drive."

I asked, "The hospital? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I'll tell you all about it when you pick me up. I have to go."

"Can you take the bus to the restaurant? Or a taxi?"

"No. I'll tell you when you pick me up."

That was about the end of the conversation. So more than a little annoyed, I drove down to the hospital on 8th, circled the block a few times in worsening traffic, then finally picked him up.

After brief pleasantries I asked, "Why were you in the hospital?"

He said, "Nerves. It's been a rough week."

We pulled into a faster-moving lane and made it about halfway to the restaurant when he said, "You're gonna hate me. Can we turn around?"


"Nerves. Just turn around!"

I groaned, turned around, and headed back toward the hospital. It took twice as long to make it back because traffic was even worse. I dropped him back off, he didn't even say thank you or goodbye, and he took off for the doors like he was on fire. I didn't go out with him again.


  1. Again? You didn't go out with him this time either.

  2. This guy doesn't seem as if he had bad intentions, but if you're in the hospital for any reason, you reschedule your date. You certainly don't ask them to come and pick you up through rush hour traffic. I'd say, this guy may have one too many things on his mind and nerves to be in the dating game.

    1. But but but, hospital sex is hawt! Lots of drugs, and the bed can be arranged into a multitude of supportive positions...

  3. I would've thought the hospital would keep better track of its psych patients.

  4. I would've pushed him out of the car and told him to walk there.

  5. I would've stayed home and washed my hair. 'Cause grrl, you know I got that new conditioner and mmmmmmm, it just smells so good!

  6. Smart Arch - she should have stayed at home. They both weren't thinking clearly enough to cancel the date, only...he had a better reason to be a klunkhead.


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