Story Sent in by Chris:

I keep a small case of bottled water behind the driver's seat in my car. I picked up Nicole for our first date and she noticed them immediately.

"Thirsty?" she asked.

"Sometimes," I replied.

She asked, "Can I have one?"

"As many as you want," I replied.

She didn't take any and we continued talking about whatever.

After dinner and a drink we went back to my car and I drove her home. When I pulled up to her place she reached behind my seat and grabbed the entire case of water.

"Wha..." I began.

"You said I could have as many as I wanted. Ciao!" she said as she opened her door and took off for her house with the water. She didn't even close the door behind her!

Last date.


  1. Well... he DID say it. Poor guy underestimates the allure of free bottled beverages. Had it been mineral water she'd have not even bothered going to dinner first. Hydration before fornication. Everybody knows that.

    1. I give my womens gatorade before fornication - they're gonna need the electrolytes...

  2. Steve please, you can't keep being so disrespectful. The term is "beverage wh0re". If this relationship is really to work out, you've gotta get your facts straight.

    1. Well, the water wh0re is a subspecies of the beverage wh0re. They are most prevalent in arid regions. In urban environments, the booze wh0re is the most common beverage wh0re, and at times even coexists with the common dinner wh0re species. Years of interbreeding in the wild has even produced a new generation that takes on the characteristics of both species - the dreaded Sustenance Wh0re!

  3. Nothing like getting robbed on a first date. Good thing you didn't take her back to your place.


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