Stricken and Broccoli

Story Sent in by Kevin:

When I took Avril out to dinner everything seemed fine until we placed our orders. She told hers to the waiter, first. Then I placed mine. I noticed at once that as I ordered my chicken and broccoli, Avril shot me a look that would've withered a field of sunflowers.

When the waiter left, Avril asked in a harsh tone, "What was that about? You ordered chicken and broccoli?"

"Is that okay?"

"We talked about this. Why would you order chicken and broccoli? Of all things!"

I thought she was joking, but she seemed in full earnest. I asked, "What's wrong with chicken and broccoli?"

"We talked about you ordering it! Here! Tonight! You don't remember? Out of everything you could've ordered, you ordered that! I seriously don't believe you."

For the record, she had never once mentioned to me a word about her (apparently) extreme aversion to chicken and broccoli. I had no idea what her problem was and why she was taking out her clear anger issues on me. She had ordered a dish with beef in it, so it didn't have anything to do with her being a vegetarian or not. It was just a mystery.

"What's your problem with what I ordered?"

"We talked about this!"

"No we didn't!"

She said, "Fine! What movies have you seen lately?"

That was a 180 but not an unwelcome one. She suddenly turned into Miss. Sweet-and-kind for a while. Even when our food arrived at the table, she didn't mention a thing about my dinner, as I feared she would.

But when I asked the waiter to pack up what I didn't eat, Avril launched back into, "I can't believe you're bringing it home! After everything we talked about!"

"Sorry. I'm bringing it home. And I'm eating it."

She shrugged and sat back, as if she was giving up on everything. We left without a word and never spoke to each other again.


  1. Look OP, your date had some trust issues as a kid.

    @ JMG - Symbology. You know what I'm talking about.

  2. Kevin, I can't believe you posted this story here, after we talked out it!!! Why would you do something like that? We TALKED about this!!

  3. I smell an unresolved issues with the ex involving chicken and broccoli

  4. I had an ex give me the silent treatment for a few days once, because I "ate a cupcake in one bite." Apparently her dad did that on occasion, which displeased her...

  5. I feel a bit guilty just sitting back and laughing at these stories and the replies. This sh*t is FUNNY !


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