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You should message me if:

Only write if you've seen me in a dream. I only get along with guys who've seen me appear to them in their sleep. Sounds weird but it's true 1000% of the time. If you saw my profile and photo and say that's the girl who showed up in my dream last night and shoves those pastel plastic easter eggs up my butt then you should message me. I don't mean to show up in many guys dreams but when I do it means something and that shouldn't be trifled with. I do not promise to stop appearing in your sleep as I do not control it. All I know is that it means something and you should act on it. I do not know whose dreams I show up in and only by telling me will I know. I want to find out why and learn more about you so please write when I show up in your dream.


  1. Fun fact: the brain is incapable of making up new faces; you can only dream about people you've seen before.
    Fun fact: if you're stalking this girl, now's your chance

    1. If you can't invent a face in your dreams, does that mean the monsters we see there aren't made up either?

      Also, this girl is on her own special level of strange, and I hope she finds her own, equally strange man to fulfill her.

  2. Started quirky, but still OK. Perhaps she has some "new age" sets of beliefs (which to me is a step better than believing that a book written over 1000 years contains the absolute truth on everything) but, when it came to the Easter egg... Downright strange!


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