My Little Sister and I Wrote This Together

Email Sent in by Charles:

Hello to you. I am FRANCES. Have you not heard of me? Well let me explain. I am on this site to meet MEN. There seem to be NO MEN but rather ANGRY ANGRY STICKMEN (men with sticks for heads)... do you hear what I am saying! You seem to be normal man but normal man might always change to become not so normal woman in the right lighting. Men look best with lights under their chins. And stickmen just never look right at all! But I am talking about really real men and in those I am looking for a partner who is thoughtful, generous with his time, is caring, and possesses total honesty. I can really handle anything if it's brought up to me honestly. I love the winter and skiing but I also like warm nights in. If you want to hit the slopes write me back!

- Frances


  1. Let's see.... incapable of lying, a really real man... yep. The name of the man you're looking for is Pinocchio. Don't worry about splinters, he's a real boy now

  2. I concur Frances, this is how real men look best.


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