"Not Interested" Would've Been Fine

Email Sent in by Jeremy:

Hiya. I'm pleased that you wrote to me. You should know that I have the plague. And disease. And pestilence. And chalmydia. And sypphallus. and THE AIDS and all poxes and you might want to know! I mean we can date but you should just know what we have. I will transmit these to you and then we will live in the Louisiana trailer together with these and we will be known as those people with the wanton diseases at the end of the road. I want to infect you so write again anytime.



  1. I just go with 'no thanks' and I block them.

  2. Michelle seems like an honest, straight forward type of girl. I don't see what's wrong with a first date. I mean, I've had a pretty terrible flu before. The plague can't be much worse, right?

  3. Disease-sex is HOT. I'd throw her a bone.

  4. "So you're saying there's a chance??"


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