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Email Sent in by Denise:

Your profile is so funny. You seem smart and fun and cool. Maybe we can meet? It would be in a very public place with lots of cameras around. You can bring your friends. Bring your family too. Bring police. Bring armed guards. Bring everyone you ever knew. Will that be good enough for you? Will you want to meet with me then? Maybe you should make more friends and then bring them along. Find a boyfriend you love and marry him and raise a family with him and then bring them along to meet me in a very public place so that you can be assured that I won't hurt you in front of your children. Will that work for you? By all means take your time to answer.



  1. I think he was trying for funny, and honestly I did get a chuckle out before "be assured I won't hurt you in front of your children". This is what happens when someone tries for clever and quickly takes a wrong turn into creeper.

  2. This guy is clearly salty she said 'no' to meeting alone in a dark alley.

  3. I've seen enough movies to know that being surrounded by people is no guarantee of safety.

  4. My guess is that he was tired of corresponding with women who "felt weird" about meeting someone online (yet they have a profile on a dating site). Passive-aggressive much?


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