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When I was pregnant with my first son my friends told me I was glowing. I'm proud that I am still glowing and that the glow of motherhood has never left me. I walk into a room and everyone lights up to see me so maybe it can be said that my glow makes others glow as well. The true definition of a glowing spirit is someone whose glow you share. If you want to glow even for a little bit then you should write to me and we'll see how it happens. Come glow with me and we will emit particles of sweet glow-fairy to brighten the darkest day. Every day can be a darkest day so my sons and I will glow your life with enough smiles to glow for a thousand years. With luck we will live that long!


  1. Maybe if she stands out that much in a crowd, it's not that much because she glows, but perhaps because of the size of her head...

  2. Wow so Glowing Ones from fallout are an actual thing. Who knew? I'd prefer a feral ghoul to this self obsorbed lady any day.

    1. This settles it. You're my new ABCD girlfriend.

  3. She's probably glowing ORANGE from all the fake tanners she enjoys...

  4. How many times do you have to say glow before it stops sounding like a word?

  5. Jared, the title made me laugh out loud.


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