Something You Said

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Story Sent in by James:

I sat down with Lucille in a coffee shop on our first date and she looked at the workers behind the counter. She remarked, "That's strange. David and Paul aren't here."

"Are they friends?" I asked.

She nodded and said, "And former lovers."

Thanks for letting me know, I guess. But she went on, "I met them here after a breakup around a year ago. We had a threesome. They gave me an open invitation to do it again sometime." She wore a wistful smile.

I wasn't sure what the point to this admission was, but it turned me off. Without prompting she went on, "I was in here and I was really messed up. David gave me a free hot chocolate and we talked and the next thing you know I was back at his place with him and Paul, showering together and going to bed together. It was a most unexpected evening." She chuckled.

"I'm glad they were there to help you," was the best I could muster.

Then she looked around and leaned in to say, "David's way bigger than Paul. In case you were wondering."

She then stood up and went to the counter to ask the worker if David or Paul were expected in at any point. The worker said that they both weren't expected in. Lucille said, "Aww," as if she was really disappointed that they wouldn't be showing up.

She returned to me and I finished my cappuccino as quickly as I could. She said, "Too bad they're not here. They're really great guys. I would've liked to have introduced you."

"Maybe next time," I said.

She looked into space with a smirk on her face for a few seconds, then giggled to herself. I wasn't about to walk into the trap of asking her what she was giggling about, but that didn't matter. She was going to tell me, anyway: "Sorry. I was just thinking of David. It would've been really great to see him, today."

"I'm sure you'll see him again, sometime," I reassured her. Then I finished my drink and said, "So I have someplace I have to be. I'll be in touch."

She looked genuinely shocked. She asked, "That's it? We just got here. Something I said?"

I said, "It might have been discussing the finer points of your threesome. Have a good one."

I left. I hope it was an educational experience for her, at the very least.


  1. Way to dodge a threesome, James.

    1. Nah, more like a foursome no doubt.

  2. "Was it something I said?"

    If you havta ask...

  3. I've been to David's facebook. He is always posting pics of spiders he sees in his bathroom.

  4. Two girls and one guy is a threesome. Two guys and one girl is a gangbang.

  5. Actually, two guys and one girl is a devil's threesome.


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