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My self-summary:

The time I was yeled at for bringina dunkin donuts cup into a starbucks was the most important day of my life. It taught me that u can't force your opinions on anyone and that u have to be who u will be for your whole life. For my whole life I will be an honest man who will be real. HERE'S TO BEIN REAL!!! If u are also REAL then maybe u should answer my message (if I send u one) because then we can then be 2 real. 2gether.


  1. I'm suddenly reminded of the When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong segment on Chappelle's Show.

    The gist was that these black people were put into situations where they had the choice of either doing the right thing or the first insinct that popped into their heads-and they chose, poorly, the first insinct.


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