Bark Park

Story Sent in by Allyson:

In one of our many pre-date emails, Miles asked me if I was a dog person or a cat person. For the record I am and always have been a dog person. Love the big ones, especially. I told him that and we went on to other conversation topics.

On our date he took me to a playground and we went on the swings. After a few minutes he barked at me. I thought it was just some joke at first but then he jumped off his swing, grabbed my swing, stopped it, and barked in my face.

I pulled away from him and left the swing. He kept barking and he followed me as I hurried behind the monkey bars.

"Stop!" I told him but he didn't stop. He just barked louder. I said, "Miles, what the hell?"

He said, "You said you're a dog person," and then he barked even more.

I hurried out of the park. He was right behind me. When I made it to a sidewalk where there were other people, I turned around and screamed at him to stop. That shut him up and I ran back to my car. He still followed me and while he didn't bark anymore, he growled like a dog.

I drove away and that was the last I saw or heard of that nut.


  1. ...and that was the last I saw or heard from that mutt"

    Love the site. Keep the horror stories coming!

  2. Not enough women carry pepper spray anymore.

  3. For future reference, OP; When someone asks if you're a dog-kin or a cat-kin, they're not asking the same thing as asking if you're a dog person or cat person.


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