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Giving back to my city is very important to me. I volunteer hours in kitchens, churches and school.s. I teach how to volunteer in kitchens, schools and churches. I have a special phone I use for volunteering. They call me if needed and I go volunteer to help. Did you know that if ? But to be sure I am a good girl. But nevermind that. I like meeting other socially conscious peeps. How do you give back? Good conversation starter anyway. I was once insected at one of these volunteer jobs and they (government peeps) came in for hours and took a look at everything. Guess they thought I was commies or something lol. They never found what I kept in the paint cans.........


  1. This is almost assuredly a mentally disabled person. Come on guys.

  2. Or she got into whatever's in the paint cans...

  3. A burner phone for "volunteer" work......Riiiiight.


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