Too Many Booze Drinks

Email Sent in by Marie:

Good afternoon,

I am from what you would call a "broken home" but there was so much love. If you but would let me tell you over a booze drink then you will understand. I am from Chicago the city of love. Women were selling themselves on street corners and men were drowning themselves in the lakes and in the booze drinks. But I am proof that I can make it out. Ask me anything. I am an open book with a bright red cover and fine leather binding. The kind that will be worth money someday! Buy it now off the shelf and see what awaits you on pages within. Let me take you out for dinner (my own money) and a booze drink and we will enjoy life responsibly* together. 2REAL + 2BE = 4gotten.

*Up to you fully.



  1. "And afterward we can enjoy life irresponsibly (your own money)."

  2. AKA "Please let me get you drunk and sleep with you. Responsibly."


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