On a Tear

Story Sent in by Loyd:

I was on a date with Courtney and she had serious ADD. I asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner and she picked Chinese. When we made it to the Chinese place she glanced across the street and saw an Italian restaurant with bright lights in the windows.

"That place is shimmery-er. Let's go there!" she said, and without waiting for me bolted across the street. She didn't even look for traffic.

Luckily there wasn't any at the moment but it was a main road through a town and what she did was really stupid. She hurried inside the restaurant without even waiting for me. When I reached the door Courtney was already on her way out!

"The color of their menus sucks. Sorry. Sometimes it can be the little things that set off my radar."

Don't I know it.

Without so much as a word, she hurried to the street and back toward that first Chinese place. But she didn't see the string of cars barreling down the road.

I instinctively reached for her, grabbed her hair (I meant to grab her by the back of her blouse but her hair was long and I was saving her life after all), and pulled her back. A car even honked at us as it went by!

Courtney tore away from me and said, "No one pulls my hair!" She then took off across the street as if she didn't realize that traffic was a thing. A car screeched to a halt and honked at her but she never seemed to notice. She just plowed right across and into the Chinese restaurant.

I thought about following her, but then I didn't.


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