Just Add Water

Story Sent in by Alice:

I was a little surprised when James suggested meeting for the first time at his house, as opposed to somewhere public like a food court or coffee shop or what-have-you.

He said, "We can do that if you want, but I really wanted to show you the awesome Harry Potter project I've been working on."

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and he knew that. So when he said that he was working on a cool project related to it, my curiosity was roused. I told him I'd meet him at his place and then we could go out to eat together.

He said he'd meet me on his front porch but he wasn't there when I arrived. I rang his doorbell and a few moments later he texted me: "Come in. It's open."

Something didn't feel right and I texted him back, "Why don't you come out here and show me?"

He replied, "Can't. I'm in the bathroom."

"Then show me when you're out."

"Plumbing problem. Need a towel, stat."

I didn't reply. He wrote back almost an instant later, "Bring me a towel."

I wrote back, "I'm just going to meet you at Callie's." Callie's is a great little coffee shop that wasn't far off.

James texted back, "I NEED YOU TO BE MY TOWEL."

I took off as quickly as I could.

Each day for the next few days at midnight (until I blocked him), James texted me the message, "STILL WET."


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