Email Sent in by Linda:

Hello Hello:

Anything you could want to know about me on my profile. I am a private life. I was a tree twin twice in school plays back to back so nothin is stranger. Stopped doing the plays after that. You could cast a tree as a tree and it would do a better job. I have an offer for Halloween: you dress up as a sexy politician and I will be your manager. We can fit a collar around your neck spikes or not. I have done this before and is safe. There is cushioning and a breakaway pouch so you can take it off when I or you want.

Halloween is coming and I am ready. I am ready early and am writing to people to find out. Last Halloween I was a tree (girls request) and the one before I was a tree again (also girls request). Ok so I am tall. I are we done making me a tree. This year to be sexy politician and I hold the rope for you.

To let me know what you think write back before the Halloween as after it will not matter anymore.



  1. Yikes. That's as creepy as it is poorly written.

  2. I like! Is gooood! You read in voice like Borat!

    Is nice!

  3. Um, try FetLife or Craigslist for that.


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