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Who I'm looking for:

A nice guy with a good sense of humor. Cliche but it's the truth. Please be a good laughter. Please also believe in God. Nothing personal against guys who don't. But I just get along better with guys that do. I want someone who will be a great partner with me. Not just a leader and not just a follower. Be with me. That's all I ask.

I answer most emails if you're polite and respectful. You can expect the same from me since mutual respect goes both ways. You have nothing to lose by taking a chance on me. I have no expectations and I just want to find a best friend who I can grow to love. Also this may not be a big deal for most of you but please do not have more than one penis.

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  1. Is. Is that common? I mean, I saw the AMA on reddit, but I figured that guy was the only one.


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