Ear Buds

Story Sent in by Joy:

After encountering a string of duds, Andrew wrote me online. He kept the conversation going and I liked his wit. He asked me out on a date to an outdoor bar that had a big bonfire. I was really looking forward to it.

I arrived first and bought myself a drink. Andrew showed up shortly afterward. He was wearing headphones. I didn't say anything about them at first but then he started asking me to repeat myself when I spoke.

I suggested, "Maybe take off the earphones?"

He shook his head. "I'm never without a soundtrack. I haven't taken them off in months. They're waterproof!"

"I see."


I yelled, "Nothing! Let's get closer to the bonfire!"

I had an ulterior motive. A live band was due to go on and I thought that Andrew would likely take off his earphones if live music was blasting a few feet away. We made our way over there, sat down, and I attempted conversation until I just couldn't repeat myself one more time. I sat in silence while he tapped his thighs to a rhythm I just couldn't hear.

Not long afterward the band came on and Andrew pulled out his iPhone, upped the volume on it, and slipped it back into his pocket.

At that point I gave up on having any sort of intelligible conversation with him and decided to enjoy the live music as best I could. The band was pretty good, the beer flowed, and the fire was warm. Not a bad way to spend the night, even if I was essentially by myself.

After a little while I realized that Andrew wasn't there anymore. I looked around briefly and then went back to enjoying what had become my solo evening out.

When I was ready to leave I made my way out of the bar and headed for my car in the parking lot. Andrew was out there, his eyes shut, banging his head to the music in his ears. It looked like he was having a good time, so I didn't disturb him as I left.

He wrote me an email late that night to say that he had a great time with me and wanted to go out again.

My reply?



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