The Shorter Bus

Story Sent in by Richard:

I was waiting in a cafe for Angela to show up for our date. She arrived like a force of nature, came up to me, and held up her hand as if she wanted me to slap her five.

"I took the bus," she said.

I slapped her five. She kept her hand up.

"Can I buy you a drink?" I asked.

She repeated, "I took the bus."

I slapped her five again, but without as much enthusiasm. She asked me, "Which drink do you think would go best on a bus ride?"

I said, "Probably something iced. If it spills it won't hurt."

"That's awesome," she said, and after a hesitation added, "You're awesome."

"I try," I said.

A little weirded out, I went up to the counter and ordered her a small iced coffee. I brought it to her and she slapped me five again. Then she said, "I'm going to take the bus," and left the cafe quickly.

I was so blindsided that I didn't even say anything, nor did I have the chance to. But I had a coffee to finish so I remained behind in my confusion.

Less than two minutes later she returned. She wore a stupid grin and her palm was raised as if she wanted another high five. But this time I didn't accommodate. She eventually dropped her hand and asked, "You have bus money?"


"All right." She turned and left again, this time for good.

I finished my drink and left with more than a few questions, but without enough real interest in ever asking her for the answers.

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  1. Yeah, she didn't want to take the bus. She wanted you to pick her up and take her home and since she had to ride the bus, she wanted you to pay for it.

    Or, she was protesting the oil industry?


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