Take Two Christmas Eves

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I am fun loving and cool. I have had boyfriends who are boring so I want to change things up with my next boyfriend. Will he take me dancing? You bet. Will we go out everrrrry night? Yes. Will he light a fire that only I can put out? Yes. Then at the end of my life when if/am flames of passion then he will throw the three children on me and put it out and dampen it forever. But that sounds like such a long time doesn't it? Maybe if we could fix death first and then we can enjoy a lifetime together. Christmas eve in the country sounds nice right about now!


  1. Ohm God no! Take the chick who thinks peas are fruits or the one who gets her brother to jumps guys to make a quick get away!

  2. Wait, so she is on fire and wants him to throw three children onto her? While she is on fire? Right.......

    1. Well, what do you do with your surplus children? Releasing them to the wild just upsets the local ecosystem.


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