Garage Boor

Story Sent in by John:

I arrived a little late for my date with Lori but that was all right as she wasn't even there yet. I waited for her in a cafe booth for a little bit and she finally called me.

She said, "My garage door won't open. I'm going to be late."

She was already late, but that was all right. I asked her if I could help with anything and she said she'd figure it out and be in touch.

I didn't have much longer to wait before she arrived. She sat down and said, "It wouldn't open so I just drove through it."

"You just drove through it?"

"I had to get out somehow, right? It was old and needed to be replaced, anyway."

Her phone rang loudly and off the hook during dinner. She kept checking it and groaning. "It's my roommate. Probably wondering why the garage door's torn off. The door into the house from the garage doesn't lock, so she's probably upset that we now have an unlocked door that anyone can just walk in."

I asked, "You didn't think of that before blasting through it?"

She said, "I had to get out, right? If not for you then for work, tomorrow. She'll deal with it."

Her phone kept ringing and instead of setting it to silent, Lori finally picked up. "Hello? The garage door what? No, I know nothing about it. No. No! Ugh." She hung up and pulled out her wallet.

"I have to go," she said, "My roommate's really upset for some reason."

She paid for her part of the meal, gave me a hug goodbye, and walked out of my life.

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  1. "Yes officer, I killed him. I mean, he had to die sometime, right? If not today then when the breaks on his car failed next week, you know what I mean?"


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