Fruit Suit Riot

Email Sent in by Joshua:

Hi Josh~~~

All good questions! Let me start with one:

1. I like all kinds of fruit. Oranges are prob my fav but all other kinds are good.
2. Fruits are bubbles of flavor made flesh in our world.
3. Fruits are just so good. From small ones (peas_) to big ones (big peas_?) they are all good. What's your fav?

When I was little my parents bought me a tickle me Elmo doll and for years and years it was my fav. You?



(Josh says: "I never asked her a thing about fruit in my first message.")


  1. She sounds kooky. Elmo is probably still with her and she's spoon feeding him peas while telling him to eat his fruit or no tickles.

  2. Peas...aren't fruit?

    For a self-proclaimed fruit-lover, you'd think she'd know that.

  3. I'm imagining a shrine in her closet for Tickle-Me-Elmo surrounded by candles and rotting fruit....and little piles of peas.

  4. It's always nice to get the crazy out before you meet, yes? Bet she's just as crazy in the sack. Go for it and bring her a bag of pea-fruits on your first date.


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