Bros Before Bras

Story Sent in by Tiffany:

A bunch of duds messaged me before Stephen, and he at least seemed nice enough to meet in person. We went to an Italian restaurant in my hometown and it wasn't long after we sat down when he smirked and asked, "Are you wearing a bra?"

I was so unnerved by the question that I asked, "Are you?"

His smile dropped immediately. "I'm a guy. Guys don't wear bras. Are you saying you think I should wear one? Like I'm a girl or something? What the hell?"

I hadn't expected him to take it like that and I replied, "I don't see why you're so offended. You started the conversation after all."

"Because women wear bras! You know guys don't! I mean, you do know that, right? You're not, like, stupid or something?"

"I'm not the one going around asking people if they're wearing bras. I think that's a little stupid, myself."

He gave me a long stare then shook his head as if shaking off the dust and said, "Let's try this again: yes or no, are you wearing a bra?"

"Are you?"

He hit a palm on the table. "Again with this! Look: I'm not a woman! Your question doesn't make any sense."

"Neither does yours. Why are you asking it, again?"

"Are you wearing a bra?"

"Are you?"


"Okay. Thanks for the information."

He leaned in. "Now it's your turn: are you wearing a bra?"

I said, "You know, I completely forgot if I'm wearing one. Let me go check. I'll be right back." I grabbed my purse and made for the bathrooms, then did a hard left turn and escaped out the exit.

For the record, I was wearing an awesome bra.


  1. Great. If he reads this blog, you just gave it away. ALL YOUR WITTY EVASIVENESS HAS BEEN FOR NAUGHT.

  2. Pretty sure there was no right answer to that question.

    1. Of course there was. It was (said with a low and breathy tone): "Yes stud, I'm wearing a bra. It's black lace and see-through. You wanna see it, honey?" *big wink, open shirt* He saw it in a pornography which he assumed was a documentary.

  3. PSA for all freaks: Save your kink for the third date. Showing up with your kink flag flying is not going to help you.

    This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the makers of the Sex Swing, Fetish 101, makers of fine fetish wear and adult toys, and the letter X.


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