Sad Hair Day

Story Sent in by Jeff:

At a time in my life when I had slightly longer hair than the average guy, I took Jennifer out on a date. I thought it was cute when she showed up wearing pigtails. I told her I liked them and she positively giggled herself silly. Okay then.

Not long into our dinner conversation she asked if she could make pigtails out of my hair. I thought why not? It was fun and flirty.

After dinner we went out and sat on a bench. She made my hair into pigtails and giggled as she did it.

When she was done she stepped back and looked at me. Then her face crumpled and she burst into tears.

"What's wrong?" I asked, "I'm sure you did a good job."

She said, "It's not fair! Now you're prettier than me!"

She was really crying hard. I did my best to console her and after several minutes, she stopped. We took a walk and she barely looked at me or spoke, and then we went home and I never contacted her again.


  1. thats what u get 4 pedoing! :P

  2. You should have driven her home too OP. I'm sure there was room in your van for her.

    But in all seriousness, OP did wear it better.

  3. If her pigtails looked good on you, maybe your mustache would look good on her.

    Next time don't let someone insecure steal your spotlight because you were the prettiest princess at the ball.

  4. Aaaw, she thinks you're pretty! One girl said her date looked like a weasel if I recall.



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